Crotchet VW bus – Virka en folkabuss

I just had to try if I could follow this pattern and crotchet my own VW bus. I had to translate the Netherland language to Swedish. I think it went pretty well. Here's my crotchet bus and you see the pattern picture under the bus. Jag provade att virka en folkabuss utifrån ett nederländskt mönster.… Continue reading Crotchet VW bus – Virka en folkabuss

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Herregud & co (Deargod & co)

This is a little book that lighten up my day everyday. My family got it as a present and this present last everyday as long as we live.  Everyday it's new wise or funny words worth thinking of. Most days it's Swedish text, but some days are in English. This one is a Dalai Lama… Continue reading Herregud & co (Deargod & co)

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I can’t draw a straight line

When I say I can draw I often hear the comment Well I can't even draw a straight line. Who said the lines have to be straight? Who decides if we can draw or not? No one! I come up with a little idea this year. For every day I do not find time to… Continue reading I can’t draw a straight line

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One of those days… want to grow back down again Do you have such days? The days that you wish you could be like 10 years old again. When tons of grown ups took care of all worries and problems for you. You didn't even know you had them. They just protected you from everything that was not… Continue reading One of those days…

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1600 WP Pub celebration

So, this blog has now reached over 1600 followers. That's amazing. For me at least. The first year I had about two followers that went up to about five. That was before I understood the joy of blogging. The joy in talking to you all out there. I didn't even know you existed. Now I… Continue reading 1600 WP Pub celebration

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Gotland Grand national

I can't help that I think this is a cool enduro race. The worlds largest enduro race they call it. Gotland Grand national. It's muddy, exhausting and a big joy for people to watch. Never been there, never participated but always like to see it on tv. Gotland is our biggest island in Sweden in… Continue reading Gotland Grand national

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Take your time

Quick drawing. Have fun! What do you think about time? Anna   

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Existentialism in micro universe

Found an old post that I think is still a funny one, just look at the drawings 🙂 I read two posts and the comments in them Men and Women As Friends i’m gonna talk about sex… | Jdawgswords that reminded me of a drawing I did a couple of years ago from… Continue reading Existentialism in micro universe

Pastel paintings


Lemur It's difficult to paint animals, but this lemur actually looks like a lemur, I think. Att måla djur tillhör inte mina styrkor. Jag försökte mig på att måla en lemur och hade väldigt roligt när jag målade den. Anna

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Three little angels/Tre små änglar

Paint on stones is really fun. In these stones I found three little angels. Måla på sten roar mig mycket. I dessa stenar fann jag tre små änglar. Anna      

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Who can not be happy over balloons? Vem kan inte känna glädje över ballonger? Anna

paint on rocks

My watchdog :)

Paint on rocks are fun. This was tricky, but the stone turned out to be a dog finally.  Anna    Wolfgang

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Time flies away/Tiden flyger i väg

Time flies away. Sometimes when you're having fun or when you one day wake up and realize that time you thought was forever, almost have disappeared.  Tiden flyger i väg. När vi har roligt eller när vi en dag upptäcker att mycket mer tid har förflutit än vad vi trott.  Anna   

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Baking day

I'm having a baking day. That's fun. What do you bake, when you bake? Anna   

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Kul med snö! Fun with snow!

Skidbacken i Trosa har inlett snösäsongen! Ett ställe där snön verkligen har sin rätta plats. The ski slope in my town Trosa has initiated the snow season! A place where the snow really has its proper place. Teckningen ingår i Trosakrönikan, en teckningslek med Trosa stadsvapen. Anna