Just one word one this time. And a bit difficult maybe.

I’ve just noticed when I wroted a comment where I should say I saw something bla bla bla.

I had to check the meaning of the word saw, like in see, saw and so on. I remembered back in my head that saw also is saw like in chainsaw. Can it really be like that, see saw and chain saw? Yes it could.

Then I realized we have the same in Swedish! We say “se” and “såg” for see and saw, then we also have “såg” for saw, like in chainsaw. “Såg” sounds like saw with sound of a g in the end. A dog g, not a age g.

Grammar and language explanation is not my thing, but I think it’s fun to compare our different languages. We have so much in common in almost every language even though we use different letters.

So when you say see in english, we say se (sounds like the beginning of selection)

When you say saw, we say såg 

So….let’s call the whole thing off… 🙂 🎶