Speak Swedish part 5

Just one word one this time. And a bit difficult maybe.

I’ve just noticed when I wroted a comment where I should say I saw something bla bla bla.

I had to check the meaning of the word saw, like in see, saw and so on. I remembered back in my head that saw also is saw like in chainsaw. Can it really be like that, see saw and chain saw? Yes it could.

Then I realized we have the same in Swedish! We say “se” and “såg” for see and saw, then we also have “såg” for saw, like in chainsaw. “Såg” sounds like saw with sound of a g in the end. A dog g, not a age g.

Grammar and language explanation is not my thing, but I think it’s fun to compare our different languages. We have so much in common in almost every language even though we use different letters.

So when you say see in english, we say se (sounds like the beginning of selection)

When you say saw, we say såg 

So….let’s call the whole thing off… 🙂 🎶




10 comments on “Speak Swedish part 5

  1. Why call it off? I like Philology English is a polyglot, mainly Latin, a lot of German due to our Saxon forebears or is that four bears, Arabic, Greek, and a mixture of the modern Romance Languages having arrived variously in their times. ‘Säger’ or ‘sägen’ or say how similar is that. now if Vad is what and säger is say and du is you so does it say ” What do you have to say about this? detta, ‘dieser’ this.” Was sagen Sie zu dieser ?”

    Now there is much similarity between the Scandinavian languages and the Germanic – I watch TV, yet the former seem more concise. Is there such a thing as High Swedish as there is in German? Hochdeutsch such as there used to be with English yonks ago?

    Fun over

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    • The “lets call the whole thing off” referred to the famous song “I say tomato…” I will continue to do language posts. And as you say, there’s lots of examples of words that are related between languages. I never get tired of language questions 🙂


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