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Where were you before…

…you entered the blogging sphere?

OM/Jason at Harsh reality has lately written some post about the joy of blogging. This post made me look back to the time before I discovered you my wp friends and the active blogging thing.

Flashback – Letters to Mom

What did you do before you stepped into the joyful world of wp friends?

I hardly remember that time anymore. Is it even possible to live a life without you here on the wp community? Of course it is, but how fun would that life be?

Of course active blogging takes time, but it is also very fun and I learn a lot from you all, by reading your blogs and your comments that you leave everywhere in each others blogs.

You are my teachers, therapists, coaches,inspirational sources and everything else that are supposed help a person to a harmonic and happy life. So thank you all wp friends for making my time in the blog community so great!

I try to give the same back to you as often as I can.

I ask again:

What did you do before you stepped into the joyful world of wp friends?


Trosa archipelago January 2013 sunrise

30 thoughts on “Where were you before…”

    1. I can understand that. It’s the same with my art, but on the other hand, I get a lot inspiration from blogging activities, so I think my art making also feels good about participate in the blogging:)

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    1. Me too and I ‘m a bit sorry for not reading as many books as I used too, but I still read books constantly. Reading blogs is almost like reading chapters from a never ending book, so I read even more now than before in that way.

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    1. Thanks and of course I mention the source of the inspiration to the post. I might have learned that from you, or some other blogger, but I think it was you 🙂

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  1. I was blogging on three other sites before I came here. two of them closed down and I left the last one because it was way too toxic for me. “pling”

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  2. Thank you for this post as it helped me to reflect upon why I began blogging in the first place. Prior to blogging I was very involved in community activism but I wanted to take my message to the next level and that just happened to be blogging which in turn is allowing me to now start an online boutique. I’ve met some wonderful people who I now consider friends on WordPress and because of their loving support I’m able to continue onward. ~Steph

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