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Where were you before… entered the blogging sphere? OM/Jason at Harsh reality has lately written some post about the joy of blogging. This post made me look back to the time before I discovered you my wp friends and the active blogging thing. Flashback – Letters to Mom What did you do before you stepped into the… Continue reading Where were you before…

Pastel paintings

Good morning or good night?

   ...or maybe something else? Maybe this is not a sun? What do you see? Anna

Pastel paintings, What ever

Freshly painted

My way of relaxing. Paint a sailboat with pastel crayons. Tomorrow is a new lovely day I hope. Even if it's workday. But workdays can be really good too. At least for me 🙂 Mitt sätt att koppla av en lång helg med mycket på programmet. Måla en pastelltavla. I morgon börjar en ny härlig dag… Continue reading Freshly painted