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Sounds of silence

Check out one of my wp friends new blog. She writes beautiful Swedish poems, mostly about how hard life can be as young and no one understands you. You probably remember times like that from your youth or maybe you are in such state your self right now. In both situations you will recognise… Continue reading Sounds of silence

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This is what happens when I'm not spending enough time on wp Zero views, but still five likes. Wp stats are amazing unlogic! I hope to get more time here on wp with you all wp friends. I miss you when I'm not here. If you want to improve your blog stats, remember, it's all… Continue reading Zero

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What happened? From 0 to 90

One day she was born. The next day she turned 90. What happened? Hey all wp friends! This is my first writing prompt. The sentences above popped up in my head. How can life go so fast? I feel like I was born yesterday and now over 46 years have past since then and I… Continue reading What happened? From 0 to 90

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Where’s that community everyone is talking about?

If you been around for a while here at wp, reading and following blogs, but still don't know why some bloggers write about the great community they have found on wp, you might find the answer in this post. My first step in the the blog world and wp world was to read some blogs… Continue reading Where’s that community everyone is talking about?

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Found the turn off comments section!

In a previous post I was searching for the turn off comments for rebloged posts. With a little help from Ritu and some other wp friends who leaved comments in the post I found it.            So, reblog away and turn off comments if you want the original post to  get the… Continue reading Found the turn off comments section!