…and my stats look like this

Need I explain how important it is to stay active here on wp if you want to se stats action? Or do you get it just by looking at my stats today?

My best stats days says near 200 views and today I’m at 5!

This is completely all my fault. My time here in wp the last two days has been very limited and therefore I haven’t visit your blogs, liked or commented  on the amount of posts that leads to increased views on my blog.

It has nothing to do with me writing good or bad posts, me being popular or unpopular, me not being on any other social media or you not finding my blog.

If I don’t hang on wp enough time for making stats grow, then my stat look like this.

I can make an impact on the stats by repost old posts that are still readable, but that will only work for a short time. I need to interact with you to make the everyday stat-tower to reach some hight. It’s as simple as that.

And that’s not bad at all. I get to talk with you guys and read and like your posts! That’s never a boring thing to do 🙂

So I hope I can catch up really soon. See ya!