Jackie the ripper by Anna B©hlin

Jackie the ripper by Anna B©hlin

If you don’t read Swedish but still want to read this story, maybe you can try to translate it?

Have a nice reading 🙂

Del 1/Part 1

Del 2/Part 2

Del 3/Part 3

Del 4/Part 4


5 comments on “Jackie the ripper by Anna B©hlin

  1. Så roligt att läsa sommarföljetongen från 2013 igen. I enjoy reading “Jackie the ripper” after two years. Thanks for bringing it into the summerlight of 2015!

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    • You’re welcome and it’s your doing since you published it on http://www.itrosa.se. All wp friends, this is my first follower and a good friend. Check out her site about Trosa Sweden if you want to read some Swedish about my town 😉
      Vad roligt. Av en händelse kom jag plötsligt ihåg att vi jobbade med denna historia en sommar, men att det redan gått två år kunde jag inte gissa.


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