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The wrong zero

Tonight my country Sweden football team probably plays their last game in the European football (soccer) championship for this time.

We are a funny football nation. In this championship we haven’t learn which zero we shall keep in the stats. We have zero shots on goal and zero goals made by our own players. Still we think our national hero Ibra shall do miracles in the game tonight and makes us stay in the tournament. Without any shots on goal!

There are eleven players at the field and a whole bunch of leaders that all take equal part in the game, still we think Ibra shall do it all by him self.

We do not seems to have the fighting spirit that Island showed today when they won the match that takes them further in the tournament. Well, they have a swedish coach, so a little bit of Sweden is still in the game no matter how Sweden team plays tonight.

Congratulations to a great match, Island!


14 thoughts on “The wrong zero”

  1. I love soccer time in Germany! I don’t care about soccer, but I really enjoy the cinema when Germany is playing a match. A total of 7 (!) people watching the movie 😀
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your team 🙂

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  2. Yes that last gasp goal by Iceland means that we play them next. My country gave football to the world-and then the world got better at it than us!
    Best of luck against Belgium.

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    1. We have lots to thank your country for and football is one of them. Good luck to you too. It’s fun watching football when the games are well played.


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