I reblog one of my own posts. This weekend it’s All Saints and I think the song in this post goes for everyone of our nearest who have passed no matter the age. We all gonna be young when we die even if we’re 100 years old or more. This weekend is the time to send thoughts to those we miss. But we think of them all the time anyway, don’t we? How do you celebrate All Saints? Anna

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

Moonlight tonight 🙂

I read
Love is Stronger than Death | Emmagc75’s Blog
and felt for her loss and also remembered all my losses of near family.

Then I read
Silent footsteps | sonofabeach96

and his comments in my post
Be my angel 🙂 | Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna

Immediately I come to think of one of the most comforting songs I’ve ever heard.

Some die young by our Swedish artist Laleh.

When i hear that song i think We all die young. It doesn’t matter if we’re 150 years old or 10 years old. We all die young. Age is just a number. We don’t miss our oldest less than our youngest when they die. Everyone are young as long as life goes on.

I so know what Emma must be feeling and experience right now. It will be better, but it takes forever and you will always have…

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