I’m wining today for the sake of nature. I am perfectly healthy and have nothing to complain about really. But today I found out once again that our authorities that’s supposed to protect nature don’t give a da__ about nature. They are too busy helping people that wants to destroy nature.

When you try to tell the authorities that they been cheated on they don’t pretend to hear. They move on and the rest of us too. But Mother nature can’t defend her self  in this matter. She can’t rely on our authorities and when people try to speak up no one that can really make a change and correct the wrongness will listen. They rather sleep on their watch.

This is reality in my area sad enough. I’m sorry to say we won’t be able to participate in the Save the planet movement. We’re too hanged up on helping the wrong people.

I can’t believe I’m writing this in the year of 2017 when we all should now so well what we should do instead of destroying nature.

Thanks to art I can get a little tiny bit even by drawing my reaction to my experience today. And no, I’m not surprised about the outcome this time, it was so written in the stars long time ago. They’re just sad little people who think they are bigger than nature and laws. I don’t want to trade places with them ever.

But I do want to save nature, so that I will keep on doing.

There’s been a lot of Save Trosa nature time lately, so I miss you all. I haven’t found the time to visit your blogs and I so want to do that. I want to know what you’ve been up to 🙂

So, I’m gonna find some new energy and joy and then I will be back with some fun news instead of this wining.

Have a great day 🙂