Thank you all for cheering me up yesterday. Even the slightest little like or comment means something. You give me hope. When I see your activities I still can believe in the good sides of humans. My friends in real life have the same effect.

You are heaven sent. Don’t forget that. 

When I first started to blog for real, not using the blog as a art showroom, I could never have guessed that there was so many friends out there to get to know. I know the world is crowded with billions and billions of people, but that some of them would come to my little blogcorner of the blogworld? nope I had no idea.

Today’s drawing is inspired by reading Andys blog where he talks about graffiti.

Two days in a row I have managed to draw a conclusion of my day. Today’s theme became  FRIENDS. If I didn’t have supporting friends, I think I would go mad. I would start to think I was crazy in a world only I saw as weird. No it’s the other way around. The world is weird and my friends tells me I’m not crazy. I think that’s a good sign.

I still wonder from yesterday why people choose to be flying monkeys for narcissistic people. They don’t get anything in return, still they risk very much for them. They even sell out nature in the case I experienced recently. I do not get that at all.

But never mind such sad creatures. 

I’m so grateful for being healthy, being rich of friends and being friend with nature. 

So have a great day in the colorful friendship spirit 🙂

I hope I can keep up my drawing a day here for a while, but I fear that can be difficult. Difficult is a challenge so I will try to keep up the drawing project.