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What’s happening? Vad pågår?

I wrote a post about what I have sent in to the new big road building authorities. Jag gjorde ett inlägg som visade de synpunkter jag lämnat in till Trafikverket beträffande det storslagna vägprojektet Infart västra Trosa. Det inlägget spred sig, vilket ni kan läsa om i Inlägget sprider sig. That post spread to a… Continue reading What’s happening? Vad pågår?

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What a week!

The short ones are normal weeks. The tall ones are Save Trosa nature weeks on the this blog. I hope that means we are many that cares for nature. Thank you all for being a part of following and sharing the series of Paradise in Earth pictures of Trosa nature that we are trying to… Continue reading What a week!

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It’s only a number

and nothing more, but still, I think it's unbelievable  1798 followers!  I'm not on any other social media, I'm only here on wp with all of you.  I don't think of what to write to get extra views, followers or likes. I don't randomly press like on thousands of blogs to get attention to my… Continue reading It’s only a number

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Meet Emmelina

Thanks to some of the readers of this blog I now know who this is May I present Emmelina Monodactyla  You can read more about him or her by clicking the name above. A nice litte creature I think. Thanks to all of you who led me on the right track and found out who… Continue reading Meet Emmelina


Stats highlight for Save Trosa nature

Thank you all for visiting and reading the latest Save Trosa nature post. The stats went boom the first day for that post. I hope that means a lot of those who read the post wants to save Trosa nature. Anna

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Colorful day for friendship 

Thank you all for cheering me up yesterday. Even the slightest little like or comment means something. You give me hope. When I see your activities I still can believe in the good sides of humans. My friends in real life have the same effect. You are heaven sent. Don't forget that.  When I first… Continue reading Colorful day for friendship 

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Meet & Greet at 900!

I'm not making this up. We are actually over 900 followers on this blog now. Yes, I follow my own blog. I want to be like you, if you follow my blog, I want to follow it too 🙂 But we are over 900 without myself as a follower. This number 900 and more, I… Continue reading Meet & Greet at 900!

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2015 in review

Hey all wp friends! This is all your doing. Thanks so much for building this blog together with me by your reads, likes, comments, reblogs, linkbacks and all other ways you make this blog active and hopefully also interesting. I'm only on wp and no other social media, so these stats figures are big numbers… Continue reading 2015 in review

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Do you count your followers?

If you do, how do you count them? Do you count the email followers and the blog followers or just the blog followers? If I count all followers, then we are now 800 who follow this blog. If I count the blog followers I need some more followers before the notifications says I reached 800.… Continue reading Do you count your followers?

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Blue whale in a pink ocean

Leslie at swo8 | Music means something and Jim at Random writings on the bathroom wall Brought the whale tail up in comments to the post Sailboat and shark | Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna That led to me doing a quick pastel painting of a blue whale in a pink ocean. Thanks you all for ideas… Continue reading Blue whale in a pink ocean

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Word creative workshop

How many times do you answer all nice comments with "thanks, thank you, thank you very much"? Of course we all want to say big thank you:s to every wp-friend that expresses their liking of your posts. But sometimes when I try to figure out something more to say than thank you, I get stuck.… Continue reading Word creative workshop

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Comments are like little kind gifts

If you ever wonder if your comments matters, the answer is yes, they do. Even the slightest 🙂 matters to me. Your comment gives me - a "pling" on my ipad, - a smile on my face, because all your comments are so nice - inspiration, because your thoughts are very thoughtful - a sign… Continue reading Comments are like little kind gifts

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We’re now over 400!

How did that happen? I didn't do it by my self, that much I know. During the time between 300 and 400 I haven't search for new blogs to follow and by that catch one or two new followers back. Instead I have written new posts, repost old post and visit other followers blogs and… Continue reading We’re now over 400!

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Pick your fight

In the post: What’s bugging you? What’s eating you? | FärgaregårdsAnna many of you helped me to collect things that irritate us. Now your "complaints" is down on little notes in a paper handbag in an artwork, that I show on our Spring exhibition this weekend. Thank you all for participating in this interactive artwork.… Continue reading Pick your fight


Welcome number 200 and all of you before 200 ;)

Now I reached 200 followers. That also means that I follow at least 200 and maybe more. Thank you all for following my blog. I try my best to make the blog worth visiting. Anna    Hello 😀