First Sunday in March I always do this

I will never ever put on a pair of skies and go nine Swedish miles (one mile is ten kilometers) from Sälen to Mora. But I will probably always in my mind ski that nine miles every year the first Sunday in March in front of the tv in my favorite chair with my favorite breakfast, fika and lunch.

The ski race is called Vasaloppet and everyone can take part, not just the elite. There are people from everywhere and from all age categories. It’s so nice to follow the race from the tv screen. Both the elite and the “blueberries” as the amateurs is called. To go ninety kilometers on skies is not an amateur work, so to call them amateurs is not fair.

You can read more about the race at

The start is amazing to see on television. The start area contains ski tracks that have the same total length as the actual race length. You can watch some examples of the start here:

So now you know what I’m up to the first Sunday in March every year.

After a half day inside I often try to get outdoors to get some fresh air. It’s a tough job to go ninety kilometers on skies even if it’s just in your mind 😉

Actually, this race is one good thing with snow! They had to cancel the race one year because of lack of snow and that was a very empty feeling when that happened.



16 comments on “First Sunday in March I always do this

    • Yes it’s a great event. It’s going on for two weeks almost with different races, but this is the main race that’s in the ski classics tour. I bet it is fun to participate, but I don’t have that kind of strength. “Pling”


  1. I must admit that I am also one of these getting up early on first Sunday in March to watch the start of Vasaloppet on TV. To see thousands of people skiing and here the noise from the skies in the start of the race is something special.

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