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Vargarnas tid Wolves time

I read a book about pure braveness among ordinary people. The story could be about any time and any place. This particular book takes place during the Second World War. It’s a story about dark sides of our history but also a fairy tale love story in some way. Sure, the book is about people but also about some wolves fighting the same war as humans and a very brigt and brave raven. I read the book because it takes place in a nearby area and I know the author usually writes good stories. It was also interesting to read about a time in Sweden not long ago but so different from now.

Sweden families took care of many children from Finland during the war and many of them stayed here after the war. Today they’re old and wise of a whole life lived in a different place than the original parents probably had in mind back then. I think they probably still carry a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to their destinies. Today a lot of children around the world are forced to find new places to live if they want to stay alive. So we still haven’t find a way to live peaceful on this earth. We are not the smartest species on the planet!

You can read more about the book in English here.

Du kan läsa mer om Vargarnas tid av Elisabeth Nemert här.

I don’t know if the book is translated to English, but the Swedish version Vargarnas tid by Elisabeth Nemert you can find here.

If you don’t want to know anything more about the book until you read it yourself, then stop reading now!

For those of you who continue to read. This is a showstopper in the book. At least for me it was.
The book tells about brave people who have the guts to say -No this is not okay! And they also do something trying to stop the evil madness. I hope I have that braveness but I don’t know if I have. I don’t think you know that until you experience a moment when you have to choose.

The showstopper part of the book is about an old legend.

“In every man lives two ancient wolves. They have lived there since the beginning of time and they’re constantly fighting for power of the beating heart. One of them carry the name Fear and Hate and the other one Love and trust.

Which of the wolves win?

The answer is….

The one we feed”

And in Swedish

So which wolf do you feed?


8 thoughts on “Vargarnas tid Wolves time”

    1. It is an interesting book. A little fairytale-ish but also very real in some way. Very inspiring in the meaning Say no when it’s not okay.

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