This happens sometimes

When I’m not here on wp as much as I want to, this happens. From way over 100 views per day to 2 views a morning after a away-from-wp-period.

That’s totally fair. Blogging is about interacting and if you’re not active or interactive you will receive zero stats or very small stats numbers.

I know how to increase the number of views, I just have to get time to do it.

When I have the time I will do this:

1. Make a post, hopefully one that is interesting to read.

2. Make sure I answer all your comments. Please let me now if you never get an answer, then your comment may have disappeared from my notifications.

3. Visit your blogs, like and also leave comments if I thonk I have something to say.

4. After a day or two I check stats and see that the number of views increased.

Then I start all over again.

When I only do one or two thing on the list I don’t get so much better stats. It’s when I do all four things I get fun stats numbers.

But the number is not what I’m here on wp for. It’s all of you. Meeting you in the comments are the upside of blogging. I learn so much from you. Thank you!


23 thoughts on “This happens sometimes”

  1. It’s interesting to see how many views your blog posts get but It’s normal that it varies. You can’t spend all the time at the internet. Especially not in the summertime. Your followers will return once you’re more active

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    1. You are right 🙂
      And I’m lucky. Every time I make a new post many readers and followers still read. Now all I have to do is to find time to read other blogs and catch up!

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  2. På statistiken över beskare o.s.v kollar jag sällan. När jag är inne i adminpanelen kollar jag dagens, gårdagens och veckans antal. För att få dag för dag måste jag gå in på en wordpress sida, lite krångligt för mig som har min sajt på ett webbhotell. Sparade adressen till den sidan för längesedan, råkade komma in på den av en tillfällighet men hitta den inte nu. Har både wordpress egen statistik, samt Googles på min blogg. Jag skriver vad jag tycker om, och lägger ut foton som jag vill dela med andra. 🙂

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    1. Ja, det är inte alltid lätt att hitta statistiken på wp. Någonstans finns en karta över vilka länder man fått besök från. Den är kul när den visar att läsare från många olika länder besökt bloggen.

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    1. Yes, summer is a busy time. But after autumn comes the winter and darkness, that means less time outside and maybe more wp time inside 🙂

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        1. When we come to that time I probably have an excuse then too for not having enough time for the blog. But I hope I will have more time then. Blogging is fun.

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  3. Totally agree and understandable keeping up with the blog stats, especially when a blog is generally an art portfolio, as I find it ideal to post artworks which often take time to produce more than writing one’s thoughts. I have a blog that is text-based more than visual-based and post whatever topic comes to mind and it sure does generate more traffic. But for my art portfolio, I find this counterproductive even though text is basically important for SEO. I thought I needed to show more artworks, even some rough sketches, to maintain the blog’s theme (yes, all of this is happening while having a day job, lol). However, I find social media accounts also help in driving traffic to posts, even for the sake of revisiting an old post or simply updating or shedding a new light on that particular post. Social media can also help connect one with other art communities beyond the blogosphere, and they are usually more active, apart from helping you get discovered by other artists who themselves maintain a blog.

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    1. Thanks for your interesting thoughts. I’m not on social media. The blogsphere is quite enough for me. I enjoy being here on wp.


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