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I went to my church

I’ve said it before and I say it again. Nature is my church. Especially archipelago nature where my home is. Nothing beat this in my book.

Can you believe there are people who wants to destroy this beautiful piece of paradise?

I will fight as long as I can to preserve nature. 

Have a great day you all!


34 thoughts on “I went to my church”

  1. Sometimes the struggle feels like its never
    Ending,that even when you making an advancement
    You’re are still taken to task
    Never loss sight of your passion,your beliefs
    You keep at it
    Spending my prayers
    As Sheldon Always

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  2. Paddla omkring i denna underbara skärgård är oslagbart. Jag deltar i din kamp för att behålla den, vi får inte ge upp. Igår såg jag en säl simma omkring i vår vik, det är inte ofta vi ser säl här.

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    1. Sälen har simmat omkring i vår stora vik också rätt ofta den senaste tiden och nu när båttrafiken har minskat ser vi havsörn flera gånger om dagen och i går var de två stycken som satt på kobbarna vid farleden. I morse flög det flera stycken i området också.


  3. If I ascribed to any religion, that would be it! It is real, it is here, we do not own it, merely conservators, lousy ones at that. We are guests on this planet and how would you like someone to come into your home and treat it like many treat Mother nature. Perhaps there is a painting or a series of them in this for you. How would you feel of someone treated your home this way? xx

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    1. What a perfect idea! Thanks. I have a similar idea since before that I not yet started a series of drawings for. Your idea is perfect too. I think I will do both ideas in patings and drawings. Thank you so much!

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          1. I can hear the wheels spinning inside the gray matter all the way over here and cannot wait to see what you produce. No doubt there may even be room for a villan named Trump?

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            1. Perhaps a cabal of them from various countries, especially the worst of the bunch… 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you do with it.


    1. Thanks. I think so too. It was the first kayak tour this year. I hope It gets weather for some more before the ugh-season. “Pling”


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