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Dear Mother Earth 2018

I am so sorry you have to experience anthropocene.

Since I wrote to you in 2016 it feels like we humans haven’t done a single thing to make the anthropocene an anastrophe (opposite of catastrophe).

I’m sorry for your melting glaciers, your burning forests, the tsunamis and all asphalt and concrete we humans smothering your delicate skin with.

I’m sorry for our endless stupidity that prevents us from doing you good.

I’m sorry and totally understand if you think we are no longer worthy citizens on planet Earth, your beautiful home.

We have absolutely no excuses for our abuse against you. We can’t even blame our politicians because we have chosen them to rule human world. Okay, they think they have authority to rule over you as well, but you have definitely not chosen them!

I want to tell you that some of us humans constantly try to get more people to really care about you as gentle as if you were a newborn child. Many people really try, but there are still some people, yes politicians are people to even if it’s hard to believe…, that still don’t understand what you’re trying to tell us. Can you believe that!

I think you have made it very clear this year. The heat, the fires, the storms, the massive raining, the melting Alpes and poles, the earthquakes. I completely get it, but I still haven’t figured out how to make the politicians to get it. You have said it already.

You will survive no matter what we humans do to you, but I am sorry if we keep on hurting you this much and more in the future. If we do that I understand why you try to defend yourself from us.

Abused should end the abuse by leaving the abusers. You will leave us by erase us from Earth and I can’t blame you if you do. There’s one chance though that we will destroy ourselves before you get there. Our stupidness and hubris will be our death.

If we do part in the future I wish you good luck. Maybe we weren’t ment to be together. Love should build on trust and caring, we humans don’t seems to be able to give you that. I’m so sorry for that. I feel like a child between parents where one of them abuse the other. I simply don’t know what to do to stop it.

I have friends who helps me figure that out, so I hope you bear with us a little longer. Maybe we can stop the abuse. We will try to the bitter end. If we succeed we will tell you about how anthropocene became an anastrophe.



19 thoughts on “Dear Mother Earth 2018”

    1. Same here. The ones who really can make big changes do nothing. The ones who can do small changes does that. I hope all the small changes will make a big change together one day.


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