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White spring flowers – Vita vårblommor

It’s just heavenly beautiful this Springtime in Sweden. Everywhere in nature and gardens flowers bloom.

Nu har vi vacker årstid i Sverige. Överallt i natur och trädgård blommar växterna.

What season do you have right now?

Vilken årstid upplever du just nu?



12 thoughts on “White spring flowers – Vita vårblommor”

  1. It’s Spring here too Anna. The Lilly of the Valley are here and we have the strawberry plants too. I agree, it truly is a beautiful season.

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  2. It is certainly Spring in the Mediterranean… now if only I could get my allergies to subside. Despite the allergies, I adore Spring. Muguet, Lilies of the Valley, are one of my favorites and something we traditionally give to good friends on the first of May. What could be sweeter?

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      1. Absolutely. By the way, I want to thank you again for all those music links you gave me some time ago. I listen to them and enjoy them very much.

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            1. Thank you. Maybe I should do a Swedish summer music post….hmmm my mind is working..summer songs… I’ll be back soon I hope 🙂

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            2. What a treat that would be! I shall watch for it, no doubt I shall be adding to my YouTube music library. I’ve enjoyed every single one in the past and shared them with my father’s cousin… and a few others that appreciate good music. 🙂

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