Bokreafynd Pelles planetfärd – a space trip book

Jag hittade en underbar bok på bokrean. Halva reapriset! En Jan Lööf-bok för 25 kr. Today I found a book written and illustrated by Jan Lööf. A marvelous book creator in Sweden. Jag blir aldrig för gammal för barnböcker. I will never grow up. I like children books. I don't know if his books are… Continue reading Bokreafynd Pelles planetfärd – a space trip book

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Libraries is our common soul

Biblioteken, vår gemensamma själ Det här inlägget gav mig iden till denna post. This post gave me the idea for this post.    I like libraries. They're full of books and people in reading silence. You might think, silence - how boring. But, there's a lot more sounds in libraries than anywhere else. You just… Continue reading Libraries is our common soul