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The C-train

I went over to for a visit and read this post That post got to me, so I did the only thing I could think of to do to support. A drawing. If you want to say a support Hi to Thomas at, please stop by the post and just say… Continue reading The C-train


Do you get error messages when visiting blogs?

One of my readers told me the other day that an error message like this comes up when visiting my blog and today I got the same when I tried to visit a blog. Häromdagen berättade en läsare att det inte gick att komma in på min blogg längre. Detta felmeddelande kom upp. Nu fick… Continue reading Do you get error messages when visiting blogs?

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Who are you when there’s a crack to fix?

Are you among those who point finger at the one who tells about the crack? Are you the one who try to find out how to fix it? Are you the one who tells about the crack? I know I am the one who tells about the crack. Check this post out about How sea… Continue reading Who are you when there’s a crack to fix?

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Wp support are nice right now

Look I got a real answer today and an explanation for the two other answers I got before. Look at previous post if you haven't seen it. Wp is a small world! I like that 🙂 Anna

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Wp app sucks right now

I wrote this to wp support. Sorry for the wrong spelled know. I'm not great in writing English but I thought I was pretty clear about the app crashes for every post I publish. Or? Also look at the time I sent the message. Then look at the time I got the first answer. Exactly.… Continue reading Wp app sucks right now

Pastel paintings


I always feel powerless when my friends tells me that sad things happens to them. It can be about their family members with almost deadly health issues or certain deaths.  I want to heal the world and all sorrows both near and far, but I can't. I try to support by saying I always carry… Continue reading Praying

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Stay with her!

Please give Melanie the support I think she needs right now: THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING. WAKE ME UP FROM THIS NIGHTMARE PLEASE.NOT MY DADDY DAMMIT. Her post, that almost made me cry reminded me of an old song from 1992: Shakespeare's Sister - Stay Wth Me (Official Music Video) I hope all goes… Continue reading Stay with her!

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Reblog button no longer in wp app

Just so you know. Updates aren't always improvements, but I'll guess you know that by now with wp updates 🙂 Anna