Do you get error messages when visiting blogs?

One of my readers told me the other day that an error message like this comes up when visiting my blog and today I got the same when I tried to visit a blog. Häromdagen berättade en läsare att det inte gick att komma in på min blogg längre. Detta felmeddelande kom upp. Nu fick… Continue reading Do you get error messages when visiting blogs?

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Never mind what day it is Never mind how you feel Never mind how other feels Never mind the long to do list Never mind your worries Never mind your fear Never mind your past Never mind your future Never mind your nowness Never mind your doubts Never mind your anxiety Never mind your tears… Continue reading Leave!

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Thank you all for caring for Trosa nature

Do you know what you've done to my post Where the eagles fly? Vet ni om vad ni har gjort med mitt inlägg Låt örnen flyga? You have shared this post more than any other post on this blog ever. Ni har delat det här inlägget mer än något annat inlägg på denna blogg. Just… Continue reading Thank you all for caring for Trosa nature

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Wp support are nice right now

Look I got a real answer today and an explanation for the two other answers I got before. Look at previous post if you haven't seen it. Wp is a small world! I like that 🙂 Anna

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Is 1000 much?

I think so. Just look at this milestone I got from wp recently. But it's not my doing, it's your doing. Well it's a little my doing too. We all did this together. Me by creating blog posts and trying to find time to read, like and comment on your blogs snd answering the comments… Continue reading Is 1000 much?

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I Love you just the way you all are

Over at Sonofabeach I read a post that I think we all can relate to. The constant thoughts about how to blog right. Am I Overthinking This? | sonofabeach96 Jason at HarshReaLity A good blog is Hard to Find I read about the consequenses when we not allow others to blog as they want. Opinionated… Continue reading I Love you just the way you all are

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I got a new artproject idea and I need your help. We all have to face millions of question everywhere we go. Some of them we don´t want to answer, some of them feels weird to answer, some of them we wanna tell a lie to answer. Some questions are very easy to answer or… Continue reading ASK!

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#inktober 19 october 2015

Do this but don't do this    I read a post over at Sonofabeach96 One of those days And that made me draw todays inktober picture. It say's DO this but don't DO this. If someone offer you a helping hand, don't eat it!!! You might be needing more help and if you eat… Continue reading #inktober 19 october 2015

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What will you do when a wp friend is e-gone?

A big sad news in this wp world is about how OM/Jason disappeared from the blogging sphere. One day he was e-gone. When I read blogposts about this I see that many of us remember him as helpful, fun and also amusing irritating. It's sad when such person disappeares from our community. But instead of… Continue reading What will you do when a wp friend is e-gone?