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Trees can help us – Träd kan hjälpa oss

This film about trees are very interesting. I don't know if it's possible to watch outside Sweden though. Den här filmen om träd ger inspiration att plantera träd och göra dem till våra hjälpbredor att förbättra våra chanser att klara klimatförändringarna. I like trees a lot for many reasons. Jag gillar träd och skogar… Continue reading Trees can help us – Träd kan hjälpa oss

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Book about the forest – Skogen en bruksanvisning

I've read a book about the forest. Very interesting book. I think it's available in several languages. Google Peter Wohlleben and you probably will find a book in your language.  We can learn a lot from that book and the book he wrote before that. In Swedish it's called The secret life of trees.  We… Continue reading Book about the forest – Skogen en bruksanvisning

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Bird tree – fågelträd

When I don't know what to draw I often go back drawing trees. This time birds visiting the tree 🙂 När jag inte vet vad jag ska rita ritar jag ofta ett träd. Det här gången med fåglar som besöker trädet. Trees are important to nature and to us. Träd fyller en viktig funktion i… Continue reading Bird tree – fågelträd


Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar August 18-19 2018

Min penna tog slut, men jag kunde göra teckningen någorlinda i alla fall.  My pen ran out but I managed to do a drawing anyway. Ny men tjockare pennspets. Svårare att skissa detaljer.  New pen but thicker so details are more difficult to draw. Anna


Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar August 11-12 2018

Outside drawing. Inside drawing of outside view.  It's actually raing here! It's fantastic and so good for nature. So far 13 millimetres and it's still raining 🙂 This is a good morning indeed even if it means indoor staying if you don't want to get all wet in the rain. Anna


Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar August 7-8 2018

Trees are a challenge to draw. I like drawing trees obviously 🙂 Have a lovely day all of you! Anna


Morning drawings Morgonteckningar August 3-4 2018

Yes the winter hasn't been so nice to this one. The ice do things we can't control. Ja, isen har format bryggans sneda karaktär. Jag har inte tecknat tokigt. Good morning to you all 🙂 Godmorgon allihopa 🙂 Anna


Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar August 1-2 2018

The moon was up early in the morning. I started with the moon that became to big for the picture, but I don't care. Månen hängde kvar på himlavalvet en tidig morgon. Jag började teckningen med den. Månen tar egentligen upp för stor plats på teckningen, men det bryr jag mig inte om. Stones and… Continue reading Morning drawings – Morgonteckningar August 1-2 2018

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Wise trees Kloka träd

This birch have already gone into Fall stadium. We have very dry and hot weather here in Sweden. The water supplies running low. Many trees withdraw their activities much earlier than usual. They are probably wise. They know so well there's not water for everybody if they gonna have a long summer life so they… Continue reading Wise trees Kloka träd


Water color winter

Found an old painting I did twenty years ago. Anna

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Tree CD

Anna at Intefangördetdet gave me some old CDs and here's the first painting on one of them. I'm supposed to paint manhole covers on the CDs, but then Anna made a post with trees, so I just had do do one with trees first. I started yesterday And finished this evening  It felt so good… Continue reading Tree CD

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Green tree

Very simple drawing done in a sketch program on an old phone. It was hard to see the screen in the sun, so it's not a great drawing, just a bit of fun playing with colors and different brushtypes. The grass was supposed to be green, but now I see it's almost yellow. Well it's… Continue reading Green tree

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Today I've been to a beautiful place outside Trosa. One of the Swedish royal palaces, Tullgarn palace. For me it's not the buildings that impress me. It's the surroundings, the park, the trees, the water. The buildings are beautiful and carries lots of history fo course. But I wonder what the garden can tell us… Continue reading Tullgarn

Nature miracles

Old Tjikko

I've just learned we have the oldest tree Old Tjikko in the world in Sweden in Fulufjällets national park. A french tv-program tells about fascinating trees around the world on Swedish TV. The Swedish tree is 9500 years old! Most of the tree are roots. It grows in north of Sweden and when the climate… Continue reading Old Tjikko

Nature miracles, Photographs

Magnolia bloom

Today it happened! The first magnolia bloom on a tree that's been waiting for about ten years for the first blooming. And there's more to come Spring looks beautiful with Magnolia trees  And my take on magnolia tree 🙂 Anna