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Can I show you something?

This is a piece of art I did last year about this time of year. I have shown it before here on my blog, but back then you were not as many followers and readers that you are today, so I show it again 🙂   Do you dare to answer yes? I should write… Continue reading Can I show you something?

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Can I show you something? (part 2)

Here's the whole story:    Do you want to open and look for the answer?    This art is my contribution to our local spring exhibiton. You can see pictures from the exhibition at Anna

acrylic, Reuse art, What ever

Pick your fight

In the post: What’s bugging you? What’s eating you? | FärgaregårdsAnna many of you helped me to collect things that irritate us. Now your "complaints" is down on little notes in a paper handbag in an artwork, that I show on our Spring exhibition this weekend. Thank you all for participating in this interactive artwork.… Continue reading Pick your fight