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Can I show you something?

This is a piece of art I did last year about this time of year. I have shown it before here on my blog, but back then you were not as many followers and readers that you are today, so I show it again 🙂   Do you dare to answer yes? I should write… Continue reading Can I show you something?

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Dear Mother Earth

   I hope you will get a great new year. I hope me an all other humans realize that we should take care of you as you were a new born baby. You don't need us, but we sure need you. I'm sorry for us humans, being so infinitely stupid. We hurt you constantly and… Continue reading Dear Mother Earth

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Cool love?

How do the snowmen and snowwomen do when they fall in love in springtime? Do they melt for each other like we humans do? Kind of cool love, but also sad when they turn into water and disappear. Anna