Nature miracles, Photographs, What ever

Perfect match?

daffodils and drops of water and sun

påskliljor, vattendroppar och sol


17 thoughts on “Perfect match?”

          1. Of course it was. Some of my favorite photos were taken with a Polaroid, 35 years ago. Remember having to wait for it to develop? Everybody would fan them in a futile attempt to make it appear quicker. I think the user of the equipment is more vital than the equipment itself.

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            1. I think you’re right and yes I do remember the develop era. Those were the days 🙂 But now a days digital technique allow us to take misstake pics without so much cost as back in the days.


            2. I still use film sometimes, 35mm and I have an old medium format that I love. Hard to find film these days and have to develop it myself. But digital has opened a whole new world. Sometimes I feel like its cheating though. Can alter, enhance, recolor so easily now with just the click of a mouse. But mistakes are easily corrected and can take so many more snaps until its just what you envisioned. That part is great!

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