Do you like the sound of rain?

At first you don’t understand where the sound is coming from, until you realize it’s the rain.

When you look through your windows, you see the raindrops. You then get moves to the sound. By then you really get that it’s raining.

Then the sounds stop for a while. You think: where did it go? Then the rain comes back even louder than before. Just to state it’s here to stay for a while.

The rain often re-color your view. Sometimes the rain makes all colors more clear and clean. Sometimes the rain makes the view blurred and everything is in grey scale.

When the rain really want to make big noice, the thunder is hired. The colors then become really purple and dark blue. With a touch of angry light yellow zig zag 🙂

But the rain can also move quite quiet and sensitive. With thin lines that we almost aren’t able to see. A beautiful rain if you ask me. Maybe my favourite rain.


Finally rain! Äntligen regn!