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Me, a blogger?

Do you want to read some Swedish?

Then you can visit a local e-magazine called and read an interview with me.

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Give it a try if you want.

Cheat and read a google translation here:

Anna Bohlin combine efforts to help entrepreneurs with financial issues with painting and create new art forms. Since a few years, she is also a blogger. We got an interview.

How was it that you started blogging?

– From the beginning, I used the blog platform as a showroom for my art. A shortcut to create the website.

After a few years I started to interest me for the actual blog functions. I ended thanks to some early followers of my blog on international blogs that had great activity. They generously shared their information about high-level blogging, which triggered me to try.

By extension, it meant that I “moved abroad” because the Swedish / EU’s  of the so-called strict area code. They simply have not understood that the blogosphere is global. If you build a blog in Swedish platform reaches just within the country, unless people find your blog through search functions embedded in the browser. If you build a blog with English as the main language in the settings, you reach around the world.

You have a large number of international followers. What has it meant?

– A myriad of reflections, reactions, wise insights, interesting ideas and valuable feedback in the center of performing arts. An endless source of inspiration and global communication.

The number of followers depends entirely tied to how many blogs you follow. To follow and to get followers go hand in hand in a very rich give and take. Sharing is the key word for bloggers, I’ve discovered. Fantastic.

I have thanks to my followers, discovered lots of talented, creative, wise and välformulerande blog writers. It gives a real kick to their own creativity and I also feel that I can give back to the inspiration I get from them.

Have you met any of your foreign contacts IRL?

– No, and it’s not a goal or a purpose of blogging. Blogging is about the health of the people inside, through the creativity they convey through their blog. I wrote about it on my blog: Who are you people? | FärgaregårdsAnna

Bloggers Sail Around the World

What does your future development of the blog out?

– I continue as long as blogging amuses me. It takes time to maintain a high activity on a blog. The more time you spend blogging, the more it grows in number of followers and the number of impressions. Nothing happens by itself. You must invest time and effort if you want a positive development of the blog.

I also belong to the digital stone age, which means that I specifically figure on the blog and not in any other social media. It allows the establishment of a large tracking circuit very slowly.

Will you continue with your traditional job or completely devote yourself to creating, art and writing?

– Haha, I’m too hungry and comfortable. I need more than bread and water to live on and would love to have a safe indoor accommodation. Additionally inspires my employment center of performing arts.

Bloggers in the world, I have ended up in the blogs entirely voluntary, but is then also free in its expression and not controlled by the hand that would otherwise feed them.

How to find your blog?

Do you have any tips for those who want to start a blog?

– They are available at:

What do you have going on in thong in the near future?

– I will participate at the Spring Salon in brief with completely new works in the category reuse species. I have returned materials, which we otherwise often regard as rubbish. I also link together current art events with my artwork. I have not had time to get them ready yet, but I hope I do it. Warm welcome to the Spring Salon, the show is always a lot interesting local art.

Interview and vignette: Mai Ottoson

My appologize to Mai for a bad translation. For you my wp friends to know: my friend Mai, who wrote the article in Swedish, work as a translator. She probably knows how to translate her text in a far better way than in my lazy way 😀


Time taking vacation/semestertid

30 thoughts on “Me, a blogger?”

  1. I understood every word.

    hehehehehehehe … I actually used Google Translate. nice article about you. Liked the pic too. I like having a face to go with a name.


    Liked by 1 person

        1. Swedish language isn’t the easiest to learn. But we actually have lots of words from England, Germany, France and other countries. “Pling” (is actually a real word in Swedish!)


          1. some day I’m gonna learn to speak English. until then, I’m stuck with my Missouri slang. what is “pling” in Swedish?


            Liked by 1 person

  2. It is a shame you have to “pretend” to be in the US so you can reach more people. I am a little disappointed with whoever runs WordPress because the reverse is also true – I blog in English and can’t easily find blogs written in other languages (actually, I do find them but it means I have to try searching a bit harder). Interesting interview from Mai :o)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I totally agree with you. There’s not much information about this. The answer to this should be erase the strict area code and let people from all over the world meet in the same wp-room, not as it is today, change your language settings in admin panel.


  3. I love languages and tried to read the article in Swedish. Some of the words are cognates so I understood some of it. The best for me was “international blogger.” I am a continent away but can enjoy your artwork and your blog conversation. Exciting article 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, in Swedish “Tack så mycket”. I really like that it doesn’t matter where in the world we are, we can connect anyway 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Yes, my english is kind of home made. Didn’t make quite the effort I should back in school days, hundred years ago. I try to catch up in my own way. It will take a lot of time.


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