Digital paintings, drawings

Gone where?

I want to tickle your brains with this drawing.

Where’s the person who left shoes on the little beach and who is it?


43 thoughts on “Gone where?”

    1. I wish it was so, but right now it’s to cold in the water for me. 18 Celcius. But I can swim in the art world, so you might be right 🙂

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        1. The aliens were disguised as seagulls, so no one thought it was even remotely strange. They all just looked up, saw Melanie rising into the air in a flurry of wings and turned back to their own pasties, eating faster before the gulls came for them.

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          1. You are both such wonderful writers! I feel like a child again listening to bed time stories. Please continue this story. You know I will probably do some more drawings of your story 🙂

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  1. How did I miss out on this? Especially when I became the accidental star of Jim and Ellen’s story? I absolutely LOVED IT! ❤ 👍 💝 And Anna, it is another beautiful piece of art too.

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  2. They must be my shoes. I love to swim along the bottom of the sea, as close as possible. The ‘crowd’ is perfect. 😉 I know a few beaches along The Med like that… I love having it all to myself.

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