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Something borrowed, last part

Finally, I’ve borrowed this motive from a friend. You might find the original painting at He call the painting “Vackra Vera” (beautiful Vera). 

And so to the connection between all borrowed paintings; a pink bucket

Why a pink bucket? Because my painter friends and I have a “band” called Pink bucket (Rosa Hinken). 

These paintings are a celebration to our creative group. We meet once a week to paint, paint, paint. It is really fun. 

You should try it. Find some painters and get together. We didn’t know each other from the beginning, as painters, but one of us started to talk to another, that knowed some one who also painted and so on…

Sista motivet i serien “något lånat”. Originalet kanske ni hittar på under titeln Vackra Vera, som originaltavlan heter.

Den gemensamma nämnaren för att lånat-tavlor jag målat handlar om en rosa hink. Vår målargrupp, som mina målningar hyllar heter Rosa Hinken 😉

Vi träffas och målar ca en gång i veckan och inspirerar varandra mycket. Väldigt roligt. Pröva själva får ni se. Leta rätt på några som också har målarintresse och sätt igång. Vi kände inte varandra från början som målare. Någon började prata om att måla med någon, som kände ytterligare någon som ville måla o s v. 


Homage to Johan

10 thoughts on “Something borrowed, last part”

    1. The original paintings artist write this about his piece:
      “Beautiful Vera oil (130×97)
      An interpretation of a Swedish interpretation. Origin Jockey Full Of Bourbon (Tom Waits). In a Swedish version came Beautiful Vera in the text. You know she was drinking wine instead of beer …”

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  1. Everything in life would be better with more collaboration. Many minds, working in unison, is greater than just one working solo, generally speaking of course. Love the richness of colors

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