An old painting of Trosa in what used to be our industrial area, but have turned into shopping area the last ten to fifteen years. Some say it’s a good thing and I wonder where our entrepreneurs and their employees shall work in the future. We can not just shop, shop, shop. We have to make a living too. A lot of Trosas working people are dependent on entrepreneurship.

Without possibilities to work in Trosa we have to increase commuting and that’s not a smart way to take care of our planet. Today we can walk or take the bicycle to work. That’s not possible if more of us has to work outside Trosa. 

Our politicians thinks it’s ok to increase commuting, but I don’t get why people should want to move here if they then have to leave Trosa five or six days a week and be somewhere else most time of the days when they are awake.

We have old traditions of living near our work, so why change that when it’s a smart way to decrease pollution and save time?

But, I’m like Winnie the Pooh, I don’t have a large brain 😀