Photographs, Trosa is the place, What ever

Mamselle Trosa Sweden

Antons krog Trosa december 2015

One of The historical buildings in Trosa. 

Sörmlands museum write about the building here:

For you who doesn’t read Swedish, here’s a google translation:

“Anton’s tavern, Western Longstreet 9

The house is built in the mid-1800s and has served as the police and fire department and then as a pastry shop, “MAMSELLE Trosa” .Byggnaden is reveterad as it is called when a building with a wooden frame with a plastered fasad. Tower with the folded sheet in cut size is from Trosa old Town Hall.

Until the 1940s used lime mortar to virtually all bricklaying and polishing. Liquid plaster called a polishing with large grains of sand that provides a “lumpy” surface. An older spirits plaster has been switched on manually with a ladle and then been left unfinished.
It has “liquor blocks” of softly rounded gravel which makes the surface is soft and pleasant to emphasize hand over in sharp contrast to the surface of a mother liquor plaster with crushed pebbles in the practice sprayed on and given a uniform inanimate structure.
A traditional liquor plaster is then decolorized, ie lime painted, with a site-mixed lime paint made of lime paste, water and pigments deleted in many thin layers and got a velvety soft, living surface.”

Now a days this place has nice food to serve. You can read more here. Didn’t find an English version, but they have a Deutch version.

Antons krog



14 thoughts on “Mamselle Trosa Sweden”

  1. I love old buildings and their histories. Preservation is so important. It’s great to see it used in a modern way while still maintaining its historical facade. Old things are awesome.

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