Weekend WP pub open!

Here we all meet, as we are, in peace. You drink as much as you want, you will never get drunk or unfriendly. We all meet here to have a nice chat with eachother. If you want some music you can paste a videolink in the comments. If you want something to drink and/or eat, just let the bar know what you wish. You will get it.

This is the pub of our dreams. Enjoy and stay as long as you like. Leave comments if you like to talk and if you don’t, just follow along as a silent reader. You are all welcome.

Let’s start the weekend now!

I begin with wishing a song from Nils Landgren funk unit. Finish what we started.

Welcome to the pub of our dreams, the World Peace pub 🙂



Strandskata Oyster catcher

Today I saw this two lovely birds searching for something to eat. They seemed to find a lot to eat. They were around all day.


1600 WP Pub celebration

So, this blog has now reached over 1600 followers. That’s amazing. For me at least. The first year I had about two followers that went up to about five. That was before I understood the joy of blogging. The joy in talking to you all out there. I didn’t even know you existed. Now I can’t think of going back to silent blogging.

How to celebrate this milestone that you are all a part of?

Let’s make it a combination of a wp pub night and meet & greet. 

The wp pub is open around the clock, you can drink whatever you want and never get too drunk, you can eat what you want and play what music that you want. You are all welcome no matter where you come from or who you are. This is a world peace bar.

So start talking or just hang around in the comments field. Leave a link to your blog or another blog where you have found interesting stuff. If you have some good music to play for us, leave a link in the comments.

Let’s start celebrating the 1600 follower milestone!


Here’s another bar paiting. A drawing of Hoppers famous paiting.

Sweden according to Ellen

Ellen left the comment:

“Your question’s been bouncing around in my head since you first asked it and so far all I’ve come up with are Swedish meatballs. That’s just pitiful, isn’t it?”

in the post Sweden according to Leslie and I high jacked it by this drawing interpretation:)

It’s not pitiful to think of Swedish meatballs. That’s one of the things we are really proud of and you can find meatballs almost everywhere. But the home mades are the best. Along with meatballs comes another Swedish speciality, lingonberry jam. That’s one of my favorites.

What do you think of when you here of Sweden?


Mamselle Trosa Sweden

Antons krog Trosa december 2015

One of The historical buildings in Trosa. 

Sörmlands museum write about the building here:

For you who doesn’t read Swedish, here’s a google translation:

“Anton’s tavern, Western Longstreet 9

The house is built in the mid-1800s and has served as the police and fire department and then as a pastry shop, “MAMSELLE Trosa” .Byggnaden is reveterad as it is called when a building with a wooden frame with a plastered fasad. Tower with the folded sheet in cut size is from Trosa old Town Hall.

Until the 1940s used lime mortar to virtually all bricklaying and polishing. Liquid plaster called a polishing with large grains of sand that provides a “lumpy” surface. An older spirits plaster has been switched on manually with a ladle and then been left unfinished.
It has “liquor blocks” of softly rounded gravel which makes the surface is soft and pleasant to emphasize hand over in sharp contrast to the surface of a mother liquor plaster with crushed pebbles in the practice sprayed on and given a uniform inanimate structure.
A traditional liquor plaster is then decolorized, ie lime painted, with a site-mixed lime paint made of lime paste, water and pigments deleted in many thin layers and got a velvety soft, living surface.”

Now a days this place has nice food to serve. You can read more here. Didn’t find an English version, but they have a Deutch version.

Antons krog