Fire place (for sale)

Here’s a warm nice fire place to you all if you need one. Here in Sweden we need to stay warm because of the coldness outside. In nothern parts they have about -38 C some days, where I live we are heading towards -18 C tomorrow. We started at +O C this morning, but then the temp fell down to minus. Brrrr

If you don’t need a fire place for outside coldness, then you can imagine the warmness in your mind and mayby stay warm in your thoughts. Our world seems to get colder, if we shall believe what we read in the newspaper. But then I enter wp world and then it don’t feels so bad 😉

How many if you recognized the last words? How many of you now humming the Sound of music song …when the storm…?

I hope you are all doing ok. Have anyone heard from Melanie? I’m worried about here. I think we miss her activities here on wp.

The coldness and the darkness makes me slow. I will try to make new posts, but the idea making is so slow and the time…where does the time hide?