Winter again

Woke up this morning to minus 10C! Yesterday it was plus degrees C.

Vaknade upp till minus 10C! Det var plusgrader igår.

So we’re back to some winter again. 

Mars månad kallades förr för Vårmånad istället för mars. Jag förstår varför vi bytte namn.

March was called Spring month in the old Sweden. Nowadays it’s called Mars. I can se why we changed the name. 



17:22 March 15 2018

Spring is not on its way yet obviously.

No it’s nothing wrong with the cam. It’s coming icky bad white stuff down from sky. It is white out there. No sunshine in sight at all.

Back to winter.


Still winter here

Trosa water tower – Vattentornet i Trosa Sweden

I hope you all are ok. I haven’t had that much time to check up on you all lately. I’m sorry for that, but I always be back and visit you sometimes. Hopefully soon 🙂


Winter greetings from Trosa Sweden

Jim wanted to see some winter pictures. Don’t ask me why someone wants to see winter pics when so many long for Spring. But as you know, Jim is one of our friendly blogger in the community so of course I show some pics from my city in white.

Freezing temps this weekend. Minus 12 C, but when Spring sun coming up it’s more like 4-5 minus C. 

Have a great start of the week 🙂


White again

And I thought it was Spring soon…

Thursday morning 

Thursday afternoon 

And some sunny times 🙂


Not Spring yet – Inte vår ännu

It’s been a great day so far. Then this came down from sky. That icky bad white stuff as Jim call it.

Idag har jag haft en underbar dag. Sen kom detta ner från skyn.

It is wet snow, so tomorrow I know what to do. Snow shoveling. Good exercise but I reqlly want Spring now.

Blöt snö som enligt väderprognoserna ska fortsätta i natt och imorgon. Ingen ode att planera in så mycket annat än träningsformen snöskottning. Jag längtar efter våren!

Yes we have the Christmas lights up still. I think the town forgot about it. It was the first year they decorated the tree with lightballs this Christmas. The usual stuff around the center of town is gone. But not this decoration.

Jepp, vi har julbelysning kvar ännu. Tror att kommunen glömt att plocka ner just denna belysning. På torget har de tagit bort julbelysningen. De har inte haft belysning i detta träd tidigare, så förmodligen har de glömt den kvar.

Have a great Friday. Today I learned there’s still some good in the world.

Ha en underbar fredag. Idag kunde jag genom små händelser återfå hoppet om att en god värld kan vinna över dess motsats.


What a difference a week makes

Last weekend

This weekend

Last weekend

This weekend

The winter wonderland sure is beautiful but the greyish picture is closer to Spring so I like them better even if they are grey.

What do you think?


Räkna fåglar i helgen – count birds this weekend

Denna helg kan ni delta i Fåglar in på knuten. Räkna fåglarna som besöker ert fågelmatarställe i trädgården. Läs mer på

This weekend many people in Sweden participate in a bird counting event. The idea is to count the birds that visit the bird feeders in gardens all around Sweden and report the result to Read more (in Swedish) at

Förra året såg jag inte en enda fågel. Hoppas på bättre tur detta år.

Last year I didn’t see even one little bird. It was a bird-less day. I hope this year will be a better bird year.

Seagull is possible to see this time of year. Not at a bird feeder though.

Waxwings is also around in winter time here.

Woodpecker is also possible to see up in a tree.

This little friend doesn’t arrive yet though.

Have a nice bird watching weekend!


Winter arrival- vinterns intåg

Been away from here because of winter arrival. That means time consuming snow shoveling. But snow shoveling also means exercise and fresh air. It all depends on how you see it. 

Vinterns intåg har stulit tid från bloggandet eftersom snön innebär några pass på “snögymet”. Det innebär ju motion och frisk luft, så allt beror på hur man ser på saker och ting.

Winter is beautiful but exhausting 🙂

Vintern erbjuder vackra landskap, men innebär också stor ansträngning 🙂

Winter in my neighborhood. Vinter i mitt kvarter.


December 17 2017 actually some sun today :)

Not much, but as good as it can get this time of year.

Happy Sunday to you all!


December 6 2017 herons in the air

This tine of year we can watch herons fly by over the city roofs. It’s amazing watching those birds. 

Så här års flyger gråhägrar i flertal över hustaken i stan. Fantastiskt att få se hägrarna på så nära håll mitt inne i stan.

Apropå fåglar. Ett boktips så här i juletider. 

En underbar liten historia. En liten fågel i juletid av Fannie Flagg.

Speaking of birds. Have you read the wonderful book by Fannie Flagg?

A Redbird Christmas

Have a nice morning, day, evening and night where ever you are 🙂


Read my December story!

Read my Christmas story that starts today December 1. 

In Swedish it’s called Du finns, in English that’s like You are. The story is about how important it is for everyone to feel the are allowed to participate and be seen. That goes for both young and adults.

Check out this link.

In the comments you find the English text if you can’t read Swedish.

For you who was following this blog last year, yes, this is a rerun of last years story.

Every day you will find a new chapter on that blog. Happy reading.

Let me know what you think 🙂


Kayak river

I think this is a nice view. Three kayaks near water. Makes me wish it was Spring again soon.

Yes its pure daylight in Sweden in November. Not very light daylight 😉

But very soon it’s time for Christmas lights and then it gets a little more lighten up.

And after that it’s not long til winter solstice and after that it’s almost Spring 🙂


So it’s official…

… I woke up to this 

Winter seems to be here now. Yes, it is that white stuff you see that isn’t supposed to come earlier than December!

But inside is warm and I keep myself near the fireplace, so I have nothing to complain about.

Have a nice evening you all!


Ice Maiden in Trosa Sweden


Early morning. 

Black roof with a breath from Ice Maiden.

The upside of coldness….time to use the fireplace and sit down with a cup of tea 🙂