King Bore is boring

Jack Frost is in Swedish King Bore. The name comes from borealis, but I say the english meaning of bore is a much better description of winter.

The winter is beginning to be quite boring. It never seems to end and if it’s not two figures minus Celcius degrees like -15 and freezing humid air the other day and week, it is snowing!

We had a moment today when the C degrees dropped the minus. It was a relief, but now in the evening that white stuff coming down. That’s the prize for warmer weather.

But I admit, mother nature does some beautiful artwork this time of year.

Just look at this.



Trosa archipelago winter time


stone ice hedgehogs 🙂


wintertime Trosa archipelago



37 comments on “King Bore is boring

  1. Gorgeous photos and you’re right…….they do look like hedgehogs! And I didn’t know about King Bore. This is one thing I love about reading blogs. We learn about other countries and about other parts of this country (usa), too.

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    • The coldness did the artwork, but today we actually had near zero degree C. Didn’t freeze when I stepped outside today. It was a wow feeling. “Pling”

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  2. Una belleza tu ciudad. Aunque haga frio, esas fotografias son increibles. Ya llegara la primavera y las flores… y el verano con el calor…todas las estaciones son bellas. Saludos.

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