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Sweden according to Ellen

Ellen left the comment:

“Your question’s been bouncing around in my head since you first asked it and so far all I’ve come up with are Swedish meatballs. That’s just pitiful, isn’t it?”

in the post Sweden according to Leslie and I high jacked it by this drawing interpretation:)

It’s not pitiful to think of Swedish meatballs. That’s one of the things we are really proud of and you can find meatballs almost everywhere. But the home mades are the best. Along with meatballs comes another Swedish speciality, lingonberry jam. That’s one of my favorites.

What do you think of when you here of Sweden?


29 thoughts on “Sweden according to Ellen”

  1. Never been to Sweden. I’ve heard it’s a really nice place to visit. Authentic Swedish meatballs would be reason enough to go there 😉

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  2. As a 100% Swedish-American, I’ve been hearing stories about Sweden all my life. I think of Lutefisk at Christmas, Krumkakke (although they may be Norwegian) cross-country skiing, blonde hair, blue eyes, and intelligent, mannerly people. But then, we should never generalize!

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  3. The first thing I think of would be my father as he and his entire family were from Sweden. Of course there are other things but he would be the top of the list. Love the painting Anna! xxx

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