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Tourists in Trosa Sweden

In my town Trosa we live since ancient times on tourism. In summer tripled our population and many tourists come to visit the city.

It feels like we hand over our city in tourists and summer visitors’ hands and say -Here you have our city, return it in the fall when you go back home.

I feel like a stranger in my own city in the summer. By autumn, when everything is back to normal it feels great to once again recognize the people I meet on the town.

To live on tourism, I have tried to capture in a drawing. Like the Norse gods, who slaughtered pig Särimner time and time again, we “slaughter” tourism every year, and then we live on that “food” rest of the year.

I min stad Trosa lever vi sedan urminnes tider på turismen. På sommaren tredubblas vår befolkning och många turister kommer på besök till staden.

Det känns som att vi lämnar över vår stad i turisternas och sommargästernas händer och säger -här har ni vår stad, lämna tillbaka den i höst när ni reser hem igen.

Jag känner mig som en främling i min egen stad om somrarna. Till hösten när allt är som vanligt igen känns det väldigt roligt att åter känna igen folk jag möter på stan.

Att leva på turismen, har jag försökt fånga i en teckning. Likt asagudarna, som slaktade grisen Särimner gång på gång, “slaktar” vi turismen varje år och lever sedan på den näringen resten av året.


Trosa tourism, Nordic vikings, Inga Lindstrom films and old runestone

Trosa tourism

30 thoughts on “Tourists in Trosa Sweden”

    1. How nice. I like the quiet part of the year in our town, but I wouldn’t wish for that silence all year long. It’s nice when new people come to town, but it’s nice when they leave after the summer also 🙂

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      1. The summer is filled with events but events are year around here. Spring and summer are filled with tourists but there are always backpackers, hikers, cyclists (this is home of The Tour de France)… We are never without tourists but there are times when they are less invasive. Many stop for a night or two and can be seen at the cafe. 🙂

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        1. We have events around year here too, but smaller ones in winter. Some tourists come in winter, but the invasive ones comes summer times 🙂

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  1. Your gods sure seem to be looking forward to their feast 🙂
    You’re already seem to be quite influenced by tourism, dear Anna, painting your poor vikings with those horns on their helmets O.O I hope they at least have a kettle full of mead out of sight 😉

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