Trosa förbifart/Infart Västra, What ever, Yellow fellows

To break patterns

This painting is for me about breaking patterns. Do you have that expression in your language? In Swedish break patterns is “bryta mönster”.

By that we mean break old and maybe even bad habits.
You have probably felt stuck in old habits sometime, or felt anxious about doing something else than you usually do. I think you know what I’m referring to.

But what if we all one day should wake up and crash that old boring and locked pattern. What if we all wake up and open our eyes and see our need for nature instead of that pieces of paper we call money.

How would we change our thinking then? What if we all realized it’s not that piece of paper that’s gonna save us from huge climate changes. What if we could see it’s the trees that provides us with the material to the money that will save us?

How hard can it be to break old unmodern thinking patterns really? We think we can rule the world, but we don’t think we can change our thinking. Isn’t that weird?

Our ice land masses at north and south Pole are melting faster than we are able to change our thinking. Isn’t that a wake up call or what?

We can do better, or have our brains frozen? Is that why our Poles are melting?


13 thoughts on “To break patterns”

  1. We have that expression, too, Anna. Although we don’t break monsters, we durchbrechen Muster 😉

    I hope many people hear your wake-up call and just go ahead and break their personal patterns and change to environmentally friendly behaviour 🙂

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    1. Yes it’s sad. What would happen if plenty of people one day said, the money doesn’t mean a thing more than it helps to trade things between people? Then it would take away power from those who think money gives them power. Why do we still think people with money have power? I get why, but what if we turned our thinking around and saw power in saving nature instead?

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    1. Thanks. Then it works. The red field is the background of the clock saying “wake up call” . And the little red dots are the bell ringing. “Pling”

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  2. I say your post and paintings are a wonderful way to challenge us to change our habits or break bad patterns of behaviour! I love the way you describe our frozen thinking. It is scary to look at some of the people who will run the USA. Stuck in their own thinking.

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