Trosa förbifart/Infart Västra, What ever, Yellow fellows

Dagbrott/Open pit

We have an amazing group of people in my town Trosa who thinks we need some good theatre in our town now and then. They are very right about that and all year around the see to that theatre tours make a stop in Trosa once in a while.

The Trosa Riksteaterförening made it happen this time too. The drama piece Dagbrott, in English Open pit was given this Friday and me and some friends went there.

Dagbrott Riksteatern

The story or stories were told through three actors in shifting characters. They even get to draw their scenery on a big piece of paper. That was cool. Not so cool to waste so much paper and therefore woods of course, but besides that it was a cool idea.

The drama was about the mining conflicts in Scandinavian. A very sad and nature destroying kind of Klondike. Furtune-hunters with big money and big mouths come here to Scaninavia and search for minerals. The search and the exploration don’t cost them much, the state taking care of that. They dream big in the wrong way. The companies promise there will be hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of jobs if they find promising mineral areas.

When State here that, they loose their compass totally. Suddenly all environmental laws and protection against destroying nature are set aside.
They do everything they can to make the fortune hunters big dream come true despite all warning signs of a grandiose project that will go very wrong. Despite the fact that many citizens do everything they can to put a stop for the madness.

The grandiose mining projects so far has been too many and far far too much nature destroying. The wounds in nature are in some places unrecoverable.

But the drama did show all the angles of the issue. We didn’t left the theatre that evening with one simple answer to all the questions that the mining invasion produce. We had to go home and think for ourselves.

Is it always wrong to have mines? How else do we get the metals for our digital devices? Our cars? With what shall we put up our houses with if we don’t have nails. Our lamps, our tools, all kitchen devices…you get the picture.

But on the other hand, can we invent other things that can replace things that demands mining products?

The drama shows how the mineral search madness affect all people, not just locals, the mining company people or those who try to protest against the companies plans.

It’s not just a super serious drama with no laughter. They tell the stories with an elegant mix of seriousness and comedy. They do it well.

If you’re near one of their tour stops I can recommend the play. It’s in Swedish and Sami and also a little Norwegian and actually some English too, very little though.

If you don’t have the possibility to get to the theatres they visiting on their tour you can always check out two programs at Sveriges Radio if you understand Swedish. They talk about the same issues as the drama does.

Maxida Märak
Po Tidholm
If you’re in Sweden you can watch TV program that search for answers why the Swedish countryside always have to step aside when big city issues are on the agenda.

In Trosa we have our own grandiose project madness. Our politicians has gone mad and lost their compass. They are so in love with one very big land owner who wants to make another billion by tearing nature down and build lots of houses. His company has promised the politicians to pay a great deal of the cost for a big road that they want to go through great nature of protection. The politicians don’t say anything about this to the citizens.

They only promise better times if we grow bigger. So far this growing has given us higher taxes, higher debts and higher pollution. We will probably end up like the unrecoverable areas where mining projects has failed. No nature left, no clean air and even higher debts and less social services. They are exactly as blind as politicians who lose their compass when they hear job promises.

I wrote a lot about this and will continue to do so. I know that nature will save us when Mother Earth start sending us bigger bills for our constant nature destroying way of life. The ones who make billions of destroying nature will not save us, they will be long gone at that moment.

I’m sorry for the rant. But it breaks my heart to see how stupid we humans act when it comes to nature. We are NOT the most intelligent species on earth, I think it’s the other way around. We don’t have a clue about the meaning of life on earth.

Here’s some paintings I did couple of years ago.


Drilling for oil

Emerald mining

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