Pastel paintings

V.i.p. Visit Sweden

Yesterday the Pope himself visited our little country Sweden. I watch the ceremony in Lunds church on tv a little bit. I thought it was nice and I like the idea of peacemaking among the religious people from all over the world. They said we should focus on our similarities instead of pointing out our differences. That is a nice thought I think.

I hope all religions comes to peace with each other one day. What a wonderful world that would be 🙂

The closest I come to a religious painting is this one from a pastel painting project I gave myself. I used pastels from the same colorscale in each picture I did. This was the yellow light picture.

Have a great and peaceful day you all!


17 thoughts on “V.i.p. Visit Sweden”

    1. I know. It’s not ment to be like that, this is a nice creature. Maybe it’s trouble that makes that look. I didn’t know how to fix it, so I let it slide. But no evil in the picture. I don’t know if I’m able to paint evil. I’m too scared 😉

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  1. I love the painting. It’s beautiful; it’s similar to a Sheela na Gig, found on ancient churches in Ireland and elsewhere. But the art and symbolism predates Christianity. It is a symbol of fertility and life, and a ward against evil and discord. These ideals are also represented in Christian art. The idea is the same. All human beings have the same basic needs and desires, regardless of religion! We just need to look and see.

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    1. First time in 27 years, so it was nice of him to come. The Swedish catholics were very excited about it and I think many more Swedish people thought it was a great event.

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