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Follow me Följ mig :)

When I talked to a friend outside the blog world I realized that not everyone knows about the wp app.
You can find it here:

You don’t have to start a blog for using the app. If you want to follow and read blogs, the app gives you a good platform to do that without enter the browser.
you can read blogs on your phone or ipad.

You can check out the feed for the blogs you follow, the posts you have liked or the freshly pressed post from any blog if you want to discover new blogs. You can also leave comments and administrate the answer you get on your comments.

It’s all very simple really. And fun!

So if you haven’t downloaded the wp app. Do that if you want to get a shorter way for check out what I post on my blog.

Welcome to my blog, all of you 🙂

We’re soon reaching to 1300 followers, and yes I follow my own blog. Why shouldn’t I when over 1200 others do that 😉

But you have to stay interactive as a blogger, or else it look like this in your stats

When you interact by visiting other blogs, leave likes and comments you will show up on the wp app reader’s screen and they will find your blog even if you don’t have new posts showing in the feed.

My stats went up from this morning, thanks to friends that shared my posts.

But if I want to get up over 100 views and likes per day I have to interact a couple of hours daily at least. I don’t have that time right know, but I will be back in full scale. I miss reading all blogs I follow.


15 thoughts on “Follow me Följ mig :)”

  1. That was the thing I missed since I started blogging last February of this year. I felt that I am not reaching anyone but once I started to reach out and follow the blog posts that WordPress recommends my blog grew instantaneously. In just 2 weeks I was able to get 50 followers and average more than 100 views a week. I just figured it out last month though. If you love the habit of writing you should maintain the habit of reading. Now, I would not dare to post something without even reading someone else’s blog.

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    1. You are right. By interact you grow your blog. And, the bonus, you got to meet so much nice people here on wp 🙂


  2. Hello! I’ve started following your blog but nearly 1300 followers!? Wow!! I don’t even have 13. Could you maybe check out my blog and give me some tips on how to improve it? I know you’re busy so you don’t have to but I’d be very grateful if you did.

    Random Stranger 🙂
    P.s : ♥ what I’ve read of your blog!!

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    1. Keep making posts and interact with other bloggers by visiting their blogs, like posts when you like them and leave comments when you want to say something. Then you will get more followers over time and by reading other blogs you will find out how to write on your own blog. It’s a constant ongoing learning. Happy blogging!

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