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Who sent this?

White can be a beautiful color, but not on the ground unless it’s Christmas eve or Christmas day. We have weird winter here. The other day it was 10C and Spring in the air. This morning it was -8C and now it’s wet snow temperature.

So, who sent this whote stuff over here? I want to return it right away!


I can’t believe I actually have done a painting of a snowflake once. What was I thinking?

I also once did a painting of the photo view 


31 thoughts on “Who sent this?”

  1. Anna, your Snow Flake is gorgeous and the Street View and Flake belong on a Winter Greeting Card. Not necessarily a Xmas card but one sent for winter in general, Soltice, 12th night or yes even Xmas. You really should think about going into the note card business; I know photographers are hooked into art card manufacturers. Perhaps the company that helps you sell your artwork has that option. I’d sure buy boxes of 10 or 12 of your work on note cards or postcards. ~~dru~~

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        1. Me too! Jag hoppas våren kommer tidigt. Å det säger jag trots att jag är vårallergisk! Så trött är jag redan på kyla och snö 😉


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