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Quote drawing Preservation of nature…

“Preservation of nature needs to be at the heart of planning decisions, not an optional (and often despised) extra.”

Quote from Thomas at:

Excellent words that made me do this drawing.


21 thoughts on “Quote drawing Preservation of nature…”

  1. Anna, this is so true. The US does not embrace a concept that it should, which is used in Europe. It is called the Precautionary Principle. Simply, the Precautionary Principle means if it is believed that a development could cause environmental damage that would impact humans, the developer must prove that precautions are in place beforehand. In the states, we wait until a discovery is made then there are lawsuits to debate the “causality” versus “correlation” of the development to the environmental disaster.

    As an example, it has been shown after several years, the underground disposal of chemically toxic fracking water causes earthquakes. Right now, there are lawsuits in Oklahoma against frackers for significantly increasing the number of earthquakes and damaging homes. Note this does not speak to the other vagaries of fracking – significant use of water, environmental damage, methane leakage, etc.

    This shows you the clout of the fossil fuel industry over Washington and the states, which unfortunately, is causing this Congress and President, to begin raping anew our environment with recent rulings and bills passed into law. This is very discouraging for me, as it will harm our country and planet.


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    1. It is really difficult to understand how we still think we can find excuses for destroying nature. Our environmental laws says we should take precautions, but we still allow too many exceptions. It’s quite unbelievable that too many of us think we still have time left doing nothing about the environmental issues. We should have started yesterday and we’re still on the old track when we didn’t understand the climate effects. Gaaahhhhhh! All of us are born with a brain, but far too few seems to use it 😉

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  2. It’s a wonderful quote and poster. I will try and use it in my next post if I could as I have to write something about protecting the environment post the UK Brexit issues and now the USA ones. Hope all going well with your campaign.

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