Probably not.
Most likely, I don’t have a clue about who most of you are, what your blogs look like, what you write, if I agree with your writing or not.

But that’s on my list to do when I get the time.

I catch you in my reader, in my notifications and in comments field on other blogs.

After that, it may take a while before I actually look up what I chosed to press follow button for.

I don’t massfollow, but I don’t check out your blogs in detail before following either.

The follow button is for me, a reminder that your blogs exist and that I should pay them visits now and then. It’s easier to check them when they are in my follow list.

You visit my blog and that maybe shows that you have good taste 😉 , there for your blogs probably are nice blogs too.

If you miss me on your blogs, please give me a sign in a comment or something. If you have posts you think I should read, please leave a link.

Reading your posts give me inspiration, so don’t hesitate if you think I don’t yet have found your posts.