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Check your links in your profile 

This is an old post that I repost now and then. Some of you that press like button on my posts have blind links in your profile. When I want to check your blog by clicking the like notification I don't find your blog!  It don't intend to start a how you blog section on… Continue reading Check your links in your profile 

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How do I find you? 

Have you ever wondered how people find your blog? I can tell you that most of the visitors on my blog comes from wp reader. You probably use the wordpress app on your digital device or use wordpress on your computer. If you find my blog posts in your reader, the stats says x views… Continue reading How do I find you? 

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This is what happens when I'm not spending enough time on wp Zero views, but still five likes. Wp stats are amazing unlogic! I hope to get more time here on wp with you all wp friends. I miss you when I'm not here. If you want to improve your blog stats, remember, it's all… Continue reading Zero

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Snow again

   Tonight that white stuff came back. I hope I don't wake up tomorrow with shoveling snow as the first thing to do. I only have one weekend day this week and I want to spend time on my art making and other shoveling-snow-free-things. Sorry for not being around here visiting your blogs lately. I… Continue reading Snow again

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Do I know you?

Probably not. Most likely, I don't have a clue about who most of you are, what your blogs look like, what you write, if I agree with your writing or not. But that's on my list to do when I get the time. I catch you in my reader, in my notifications and in comments… Continue reading Do I know you?

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Do I really…

...follow your blogs? Yes, I do. Mostly when your posts appear in my reader. your posts? Yes, I do. But not always the long ones, when I've lack of time. your posts? Yes, I do, very often. But that doesn't mean I always press the like button. a post… Continue reading Do I really…

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I was looking in my followers list. I thought I have followed most of you back. But the list showed over fifty blogs that I didn't follow back. I had my suspicions about that I lost some following back in my blogs I follow cleaning, but I thought I had refollow most of you. But… Continue reading Weird

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Finally a wp app update that I really like!

My image upload is working again and I can click on your like notifications and come directly to reader post list, so now it's easier for me to catch up reading your blog posts. I don't have to search through the reader flow to find you and when my connection is bad I can still… Continue reading Finally a wp app update that I really like!

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Meet & Greet at 600

For me it's quite difficult to understand, but we're now over 600 following this blog. Welcome everybody and thanks, this is your doing. You inspire me very much, so please continue visiting this blog. I will try to keep it going with both new and old paintings and drawings. As usual, I think we should… Continue reading Meet & Greet at 600

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How do I find you?

How come I ended up as a follwer of your blogs?   1. You found my blog and liked one post or two. When you like one of my posts and push like button I get a message about that in my wp app. In the notice department it is very easy to push follow… Continue reading How do I find you?

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How do I manage to… in IT-era when I'm from the Digital stoneage? I'm halfway to 300 followers right now. Recently I reached 200. My stats tells me I follow more than 400 hundred blogs and I have about 250 followers. I've also notice that activity on other blogs catches new followers to my blog. Part from trying to… Continue reading How do I manage to…

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I redecorated my blog

What do you think? I chosed a new theme for my blog. I wanted more posts to show up at the same time on the screen. At least they do that on a computer screen. On ipads or phones it maybe shows different. When I discovered I could repost some of my old post that… Continue reading I redecorated my blog

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Meet and greet at 400

We've reached 400 followers on this blog, all of you and me, together. Let's celebrate with a meet and greet session. Lots of you already know each other by following this blog and each others blogs, but I think we all still don't know everybody on WP, so... If you want to tell the world… Continue reading Meet and greet at 400


First post from phone

My ipad has gone mad. Or the bad connection. Or the app. I don't know. I'll be back with a real post with pictures when I can. My ipad app won't let me create a post right now 😦 But I can read your posts and comments, so I'll do that instead 🙂 Anna


Welcome number 200 and all of you before 200 ;)

Now I reached 200 followers. That also means that I follow at least 200 and maybe more. Thank you all for following my blog. I try my best to make the blog worth visiting. Anna    Hello 😀