Turtle mode

Has anybody heard from Melanie since here last post:

Stuff and Nonsense | amusingmyselfmusings


I’m worried and sending her some hugs and love by posting this drawing, inspired from her post about going into turtle mode.

We all need to do that sometimes and I hope every one, who does that, has love all over the shield.

Take care, all of you and leave no doubt about your love for the people you love.

Read Sonofabeach’s post:
Leave No Doubt!



19 comments on “Turtle mode

  1. I’m here! I love the picture Anna! 💖 ice missed you sooooooo much my dear friend! I’ve missed all of you. I’m sorry I’ve been out of touch. I’m going to try very hard to be better about it and I’m trying to pull myself out of my shell. I’ve got a silly anecdote to write about later on today when I’ve got the time. For now, I’m about to take my son out to see a movie which will be good. It’s getting me out of the house, and getting me out of my shell! 🐢 For now, I love you and you’re constantly on my mind! I hope you’re well! Xoxo ❤ 💙 💜 💛 💚 💝 💘 💞 M

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    • Now I’m well when I hear from you and see that you maybe are back on the writing again. You write so well and that always gives me pictures in my head that I sometimes can put down on paper. I wish you and your son a great movie night. You can crawl back into your shell when you need to, but please crawl out of it when you feel you can. Wp is a little empty when you’re not around. Love back to you and your family 💚💜💕❤️💝💙🎨🐳🐠🐢🐍

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