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Silly smiles

Have you noticed the silly smile that’s show up in your face when someone has left a comment on one or two of your posts?

Even a little 🙂 can bring out that silly smile. If you have people around you when manage your blog or read comments on other blogs, they will probably wonder why you’re silly smiling.

You won’t be able to explain what’s makes your silly smile. What will your answer be? -Oh, I just read a 🙂 that makes me happy.

I like to smile that silly way. That means that you left a bunch of nice comments on my posts or the blogs I read.

So, please keep commenting on the blogs you follow and read 🙂

Big likes to all of your comments, if I missed some of them.




58 thoughts on “Silly smiles”

  1. I have woken from my sleep at night thinking of comments made on my blog. The uplifting words so often bring a smile to my face. And you are certainly one of them. Your beautiful and funny drawings and paintings do it for me many times. Louise

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  2. Sometimes people write an honest comment, something that is not so diplomatic and put a smiley there but thats ok too because it means they didn’t mean to be mean but just said things as they were.

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  3. I’m pretty new to doing this, and I didn’t start it to get followers or comments. I started it as a journal. But, I have to admit, I do enjoy seeing that I have a message or comment. Enjoying it thus far

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  4. I like playing around and making silly smiles with emoticons, LOL
    This is one I made a long time ago:


    I tell people it’s the way I smile after enjoying some cannabis sativa

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