Walpurgis Night

When I was a kid, growing up in my little town Trosa the Walpurgis night was an adventure.

On top of our “mountains” the Trosa alpes the City inhabitants lighted a fire as a tradition for many many years. Way back in time when our town was a fishermen community there was an unwritten law for boats. If a boat wasn’t launched before last of April, the boats would end up on the Walpurgis fire. 

In memory of that tradition the people who arranged the fires when I was a kid always found an old boat to put on the fire.

The view from the Trosa alpes are beautiful. You see Trosa harbor and also very much of the town if you turn 360 standing there.

People still celebrate Walpurgis night here in Trosa, but not at this spot anymore. It’s a little sad, but times changes.



26 comments on “Walpurgis Night

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  2. Our family had friends who did a “Walpurgis” traditional bonfire, when I was a small child…I remember those fondly! Walpurgis is Beltane…I love it!
    I grew up near boats and harbours, and much of Southeastern Alaska is settled by Scandinavians – especially Petersburg! Syttende Mai is just around the corner…

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    • How nice! It’s amazing how many Scandinavians that are spread over the world. We are small countries and not so many people back then during the moving eras. Still there were many people who moved out of the countries.

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