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52 009 hits!

How on earth did I get to over 52 000 hits?

This is the stat story of my blog:

If you don’t have this kind of stats yet you should read Jason/OMs blog. He writes much about the way he blog and he has, as Jim says, hunderty billion followers and hits. It’s all about interacting and hard work. 

The first years I didn’t understand why I should interact. I just posted pictures of my art and wrote down some thoughts about that. Comments almost scared me and if somebody followed my blog I wondered how they come to that conclusion and made the decision to follow. I didn’t dare to follow back at the beginning. Don’t ask me why, I have no explanation.

When I come across HarshReaLiTy, Jasons blog I began to learn the real meaning of blogging. Now I can see clearly in the stats what times I do put in a lot of work and when I don’t. Lately I have been busy with other things and I miss talking to you all my wp friends. I hope I will find some more time for blogging. It is fun, it is constant learning and it’s so nice to hang outwith you on all of our blogs 🙂

But we’re not addicted to stats? Nooooooo!

By the way, the 52 000 hits is your work, not mine. Thank you all!


14 thoughts on “52 009 hits!”

    1. Nah, every hit is not a pling, but all notifications about liking and comments are plongs. Through the years I have collected over 46000 likes, so with some comments plings maybe I’m near 52000. “Pling”


    1. Thank you. I liked being a little blogger too and think I still am a little one. I’m the same anyway. We have all helped reach this 52000 hits. I’m only on wp, no other social media. It’s interesting to see that you can grow and audience with wp and very much help from friends 🙂


  1. First of all: Wow! Congrats! 😀

    Secondly, your story is so relatable. I started blogging like a few days ago with the intention of depositing my artwork on a respectable platform and without any expectation of an audience. But, when my blog got 21 hits, I was actually quite thrilled and for the first time in the past few dreary months, I felt confident about something that I’d created no matter how weird or bluish. Your post gives me hope! Thanks for that.

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