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Walk away

Over at Aspiblog I learned that is it anti-bullying week. I remembered a drawing of mine when I read that. Remember your shadow are bigger than you if you are a bully and if you're the bullied your shadow are smaller than you are and the bully always bully your shadow, not you. Simply because… Continue reading Walk away

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Three wise men?

   Look at the Trosa church wall. Do you see three wise men to the right of two windows? It's shadows on the wall that look just like three wise men to me. Its the high cypresses on the left in the picture that in cooperation with the sun that creates this amazing nature painting.… Continue reading Three wise men?

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Painting or drawing challenge

This was our challenge last time me and my friends in the paintergroup Pink bucket met.    Capture the shapes My drawing went like this    I'm not finished yet, but I have come half way. How do your interpretation of the shapes look like? If you do a drawing or a painting, please show… Continue reading Painting or drawing challenge